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Jim Hargrave

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Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 8:43 AM
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Subject: [L32Beta] Please post on the reflector ...


Seems like I can hide, but I can't escape. I have received three direct eMails this morning about a reported Telnet problem. There are close to 4000 subscribers to the reflector. Someone must know how to make a Telnet connection … This is a demonstration of EXACTLY why the last QSO in my logbook is dated Feb 16, 2008 … I just celebrated my 12th anniversary, and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.


Connect to K4UGA or VE6DXC (neither of which is currently on-line/accessible) and you'll get a reply something like this:



Google localhost port 27754 may give some insight. Having failed to connect, the port is temporarily in an unknown state. Try to connect somewhere else immediately and you will get a message like this:



Relax, count to 10, take a deep breath, and try again after 30 seconds or so (after the port has reset itself, then try to connect to a functional Telnet cluster like this:



And, please don't eMail me directly. There's more than enough subscribers on the reflector to solve these "problems". SeventyThree(s).




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