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Thanks for the suggestions Gary.  Unfortunately I had tried those changes without success.  Both machines had been showing the clusters without a problem, one via VE6DXC and one via K4UGA.  Telnet failed on both at the same time and on different networks. After failute the full telnet startup message on the main log is as follows:

Telnet socket auto connect to port number 8000.  Initial data received (47 bytes)  "error on connect to local host port 27754 (111) <LF>"

Any attempts to setup an alternative remote host gives me "winsock returned "invalid operation at current state".   I have added other remote hosts to the list and switched between them, always with the same result.  The problem appears to center on the switch from port 8000 to port 27754, I have no idea what the (111)<LF> messages indicate.  I can generally find solutions if I work on something long enough - I have been two days on this one and no joy!

73   Dave   EI6AL

On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 at 20:09, Gary Hinson <Gary@...> wrote:

Hi EI-ham


That message suggest that you may have been using a local DXcluster system, perhaps an SDR/skimmer or VE7CC’s Cluster User program, on Localhost:27754 … but for some reason that port is no longer in use.


To check/change the Telnet host and port settings, open the Telnet window and Local tab, then right-click à Setup à Setup remote hosts:



That opens the settings form which is fairly self-explanatory:



Type the info in the white boxes then click Add current entry to save it.  Shortcut is whatever name you like for the connection.


To connect directly to a DXcluster node on the Web, you’ll need to put its Telnet address and port in the Remote host and Port boxes – for example    port 7000


To connect to a local DXcluster node running on the same PC as Logger32, use “localhost” (or “”) as the Remote host address while the Port is determined by the DXcluster application you are running – often 7300 or 7373.  I don’t know where your 27754 port came from.


Having done that, click Connect to [shortcut] and go through the login process to start receiving DXcluster spots.



Gary  ZL2iFB



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I use logger 32 at the home qth and on a laptop for remote.  Both now give an error message when the program starts up: error on connect to localhost port 27754 (111).  Guess this is external to logger.32 but wondering if anyone else has seen this or has any ideas? 

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