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You can more simply issue $loop xx$ where xx is seconds.

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On 22/02/2020 15:41, ja1nlx wrote:


In the CW Machine section in the Help you see...

5.8 The $loop$ Macro

As mentioned above, the $loop$ Macro will introduce a 5 second delay before the Macro in which it is placed starts again. If a longer delay is required, insert more $loop$ commands.  For example the script CQ CQ de $mycall$ $mycall$ $loop$ $loop$ will send CQ CQ your call your call and then wait for 10 seconds before starting again.

After the first sending of the script, the text window will change its background color to the default color of red (configurable from the View | Appearance menu) and it will stay red until the loop script is stopped, whereupon the text background color will revert to its original setting.

You can break the loop by mouse-clicking on any entry field, typing any character, or clicking any shortcut button.


On 2020/02/23 1:20, Dave Colliau wrote:
Would it be possible to get some kind loop timer that would work in the macros for the RCP window and could be set for 10 minutes for like a CIV macro for creating ssb or cw id's ? 
Dave N8DC
73 de aki

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