Re: 4RE: [hamlogger] L32 and SDR Console

Chuck Miller

Thanks again for all your help. I did learn a lot about SDRs and logger 32 configuration. I looked at some other loggers to see if they might work. In the end, I made up my mind that if it was a choice between Logger32 and the SDR. I would forego the SDR and stay with Logger32. The only other logger that I sometimes use is N1MM+ for contesting, and then import the ADIF into L32. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me figure this out and while it's working (sort of) I'm going to investigate the SDR Tx/Rx switch. One big advantage to that route would you can check other bands ( what ever your antenna covers) instead of just the one band the radio is on. I think you've got the best general purpose logger going (IMO). I've been with you since the Zakanaka days, and plan to stay.

73 my friend,

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