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N4TB Terry Burkholder <tabn4tb@...>


I have over 200K downloads from LOTW and have never received a QSO that was not in my log. What is in the "BAD" file are QSO's that are in my log but the data doesn't match. I get no credit for these Q's unless I go into my log and correct the error. Usually it is a state/county problem.

73, Terry N4TB

On 2/18/2020 13:11, David G3YYD via Groups.Io wrote:

I make many thousands of contest QSOs every year and a few guys thought they worked me but didn't. LOTW still sends me those when I ask for a report and they land up in the BAD file.

I do look through the file as some of them are just bad state or province which I just delete that data others are no QSO in log and these I just ignore. 

73 David G3YYD 

On 18 Feb 2020 12:12, "Michael Harris via Groups.Io" <mike.harris@...> wrote:

How about emailing the ARRL LoTW help desk.


Mike VP8NO

On 18/02/2020 08:15, G4RRM Pete wrote:
> Hi Dave
> Yes it’s something like that but I don’t get why LOTW is sending QSOs
> that aren’t a call sign match!
> I have OZ30 LOTW already for my Qs and OZ3O is not in my log.
> How do I stop those two downloading I’ve tried Twice and they keep
> coming in my LOTW REPORT
> one guy suggested I ignore it but that’s not a fix !!!
> 73
> Pete

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