Re: Bad ADi

G4RRM Pete

Hi Villi


Thanks and I agree, but how do I stop them downloading each time? And out of interest WHY do they down load if no match?






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Sent: 17 February 2020 22:43
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Bad ADi



I don‘t think that this is really a problem, just ignore it as you have the correct callsign in your log verified already. I do also have two QSOs with Svend in the IOTA contest, confirmed and no problem, I don‘t get this duplicate from LOTW. However it appears as Svend has registered both variants, at least on QRZ, but as I said earlier, just ignore it.

73 Villi


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Subject: [hamlogger] Bad ADi


Hi All


I have 2 QSOs that have shown up in the BAD ADI file tonight when I syncd LOTW.


The comment is “QSO not found in log”. They are on different days and the call is OZ3OEU for both. (correct they are not in my log)


BUT, OZ30EU is and I already have an LOTW match for them.



Anyone know why they suddenly show up, as it won’t match in LOTW, so why would it download?

I tried another download and they appear again, I need to cancel them somehow!






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