Re: 4RE: [hamlogger] L32 and SDR Console

Chuck Miller

Bob and Rick, I've tried all the things you've suggested, and some times it looks like it's trying to work, but L32 keeps flashing a message that band plan has no entries for 142.619375 mhz, which is the same freq that  sdr-console is trying to listen to. Also I can't change modes on the ft1000mp field, sdr console keeps changing it right back. also sdr-console recieves no rf unless the Yaesu is talking to omni-rig. I tried a splitter virtual serial port but same thing, both programs change frequency at random.  The whole thing is a waste of time, having spent days trying to figure it out, I've come to the conclusion that Sdr-console is a fine program, and Logger32 is my favorite logger. But they just won't work together with the FT1000MP Mkv field. So unless someone with the exact same setup wants to provide some help, I just going to can SDR-console and stick with L32.

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