Re: WAS Credit for New Mexico on 40 Meters.

Neil Sheldon

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Neil Sheldon



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Hi Bob …


   I’m  using version 3.50.407, and have installed all of the updates.


   I’m going thru my log and reconciling my WAS info with my LOTW info.


   All is  going well, except on 40 meter CW.


   I worked W5UR on 29 June 2014 at 12:13:00, on 40 Meter CW (7.000 MHz) and received a LOTW Confirmation/QSL. (Record ID 596456515). I have set the Administrative Subdivision for W5UR as NM (and it shows up in my logbook page under STATE as NM) and the County as Torrance.


   In the info window (Right click on the QSO, and the window comes up), I have LoTW Sent checked, and I have LoTW QSL Received.


   No matter what I do, the WAS-Mixed Mode, All op. All confirmations, All credits window it shows up as worked, but not confirmed. (Accessed by Awards/Primary Administration Awards/WAS


   I’ve cleared both entries and re-entered them. I’ve shut the  window and re-opened it. I’ve shut down the program and restarted it (all of these several times). I’ve even checked the  “Paper QSL Received”. And I still cannot get it to clear the “W”, and show the “C”.


   Therefore, my count is off on 40M, and does not match the LOTW total.


   By the way, I’ve worked and confirmed New Mexico on 160M and 30M as well, and they show up with the “C” (confirmed) as they should.


   Is there some work-around or something that I can do that will get this working for me?

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