Re: LBP2 - Na3P - WSJT-X



Uninstall older version 2.1.0 of WSJT-X.


On 2020/02/14 17:44, Ilya Zozin,4Z1UF wrote:
Strange thing: I found out that I have two instances of WSJT on my PC.
When I'm starting WSJT  from the shortcut on my Desktop it opens ver 2.1.0 and everything works fine,  Q's are logged nicely to L32.
If I'm starting WSJT from L32 UDP bandmap, it starts ver 2.1.2. Everything  looks fine beside  one small thing- I cannot TX.  CAT check goes green in Radio setup, but PTT doesn't work.
 I even took a photos of both setups, both looks exactly the same but- nothing helps, my FT5K just refusing to transmit.
 Probably it is the question for WSJT forum, but maybe someone can point me for my mistake?
BTW: both WSJT's are sitting in the same folder, but L32 is "smart enough" to take the latest version and I cannot fine how to tell him to start another one...

Thanks and 73
Ilya, 4Z1UF
73 de aki

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