Re: Macros K3/K3S


I don't have a K3, so I can't test, but you probably need to setup a macro like this  $command SWH16;$ to turn TUNE on, and you will probably need another one to turn tune off *whatever the SWH number is).  If that's what you have, and it doesn't work, then someone with a K3 will have to help. SeventyThree(s).

On February 13, 2020 at 12:08 PM Jacek Marczewski <jmarcz@...> wrote:

Just a question: macro SWH16;  tested in K3 Utility works perfectly (activates TUNE emulating holding  button)
but written into macro setup window of Radio Control Panel of Logger 32 does not work (radio continues read  VFO frequency as usual and nothing happens).
I am a newcomer in macros, sri for bothering you with such a basic  question.
Maybe I should write to the window of control panel something more than SWH16;  to send the command while clicking
(or configure anything else to allow control panel to send  a command to K3)?
73 de Jacek SP5EAQ


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