Re: L32 and SDR Console

Chuck Miller

I was able to get it to sort of work. I ran Sdr-console external radio window thru omni-rig to the FT-1000mp mkV field on port 10 that got Sdr-console working. Then I created a virtual serial port with VSPE, pair 15 to 16, and slaved Logger 32 to Sdr-console. Sdr-console is controling the rig, and passing mode, band, and frequency to logger 32. So far so good. However, now none of the other features in L32 work. Like the sound card window, and user programed buttons to change filters ect.

I read every thing about the slave port in the help file. But I'm still stuck with one program demanding omni-rig and the other program refusin g to talk to omni-rig. I guess there'll be no Spectrum display for me. I really like logger32 and will continue to use it, but it does not seem to play well with others.

73, Chuck

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