Re: L32 and SDR Console

Chuck Miller

Thanks aki for your help.

quote "Please read The Slave Port section in the Logger32 Help.

It explains a sample with ic7300/RSP1A/SDRConsole.

Maybe it will help you." /quote

I tried it exactly the way it said in the help file. Still didn't work. Logger32 does not work with Omnirig, but SDR Console and SDRuno require it. SDR Console says use TS-2000 protocol, but logger32 does not have a selection for the TS-2000,I tried Kenwood and TS-480, no difference. Tried using VSPE as well to crate virtual pair. Logged in as administrator so everything ran as administrator. I can get the sdr talking to the radio, or Logger32 talking to the radio but when I add either SDR console or SDRUno every thing goes bad. I really like logger32, but using the slave port isn't the solution to this problem for me.
73 de Chuck

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