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And I just wanted to keep track of my QSO’s



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In addition to the CAT serial port, there is an echo port and a slave port. 


The echo port simply sends (it doesn't listen ... like my 4th XYL) frequency to an external device - like an amplifier, or band switch. The message format is user configurable ... for example you can have an Icom radio connected to the CAT and send Yeasu format messages to your amplifier, and the amplifier will follow your radio.


The slave port is for connecting another receiver or transceiver. One possible use is to connect a cheap SDR (with pretty must have eye candy) to your main boat anchor transceiver. The slave port follows the frequency and mode of the main radio. Like the echo port, the message format of the slave is user configurable. You could have an Icom transceiver connected to the CAT and connect the slave port to an SDR that looks like a Kenwood. Because different radios have different have different modes (maybe one has PKT-USB and the other has DATA-U, the user can map modes so that the slave follows correctly. Unlike the echo port, the slave port is bidirectional (it can listen and talk - like my new XYL). So, you can control the main radio frequency/mode from the slave.



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Mainly historical reasons...Now, after realizing that L32 can work with WSJT w/o additional ports- only the spare port for PanAdaptor...otherwise you'll tell me L32 can work with some Pan Adaptor directly.


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