Stats tracking problem

Paul Ormandy


Have a weird problem with L32. It is installed on 1 x desktop PC and 1 x laptop. The laptop is the one with the issue. The laptop's logbook was populated with an ADIF from the desktop. I am running 3.50.391 on the desktop and 3.50.406 on the laptop.

The problem is missing confirmed entity modes in the Worked/Confirmed window and incorrect stats in the relevant Awards page. For example, I have a QSL from 4K5D 20m PSK31, which is correctly displayed in the Logbook and Previous QSOs window as verified but not showing at all in Worked/Confirmed window, i.e. if I click on the 20M DIG slot in the Worked/Confirmed window for 4K, it doesn't show 4K5D at all but does show unverified 4K6OF in FT8 mode. I ran Recalculate Statistics but the problem persists. Further checking showed that the problem lies with PSK31 QSOs. Some are appearing correctly but many are not. PSK31 is selected to be included in Stats in the Bands & Modes window.

Maybe something happened in one of the updates??



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