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Svein Henriksen



I do know and use all of those windows and also the Edit XXXX modes.

The logbook window is naturally in spread sheet form.

When clicking on a registered QSO, I would like all the data for fields to be displayed in a form type display for this one contact.

I have this in some databases of my own implemented in ACCESS.

Like when you use the Add QSO function, but with all the fields populated or not.

This would be nice when looking at, editing and or reviewing a specific QSO.

I still tend to get a lot of QSL cards and I like to enter all the information on there; like for example IOTA, DOK, the Japanese Guns etc.....

It is easier to do updates of multiple fields in a form type presentation.

Since there are so many field it is now necessary to scroll sideways forth and back.

I can of course rearrange the columns in the logbook window to have the one I use the most in view on the screen.


It was just a thought. Not really important to me, but thanks for considering my request. J


73 de LA3PU




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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for. See the picture ... Iclicked on the SM5AQD QSO in the Logbook Page Window. The Previous QSOs Window shows all QSOs with SM5AQD. The Callsign Lookup window opened with current SM5AQD information. If there was information I wanted/needed to add to the SM5AQD QSO, I can click the UPDATE QSO menu on the Callsign Lookup Window. SeventyThree(s).


On January 19, 2020 at 3:11 PM Svein Henriksen <la3pu@...> wrote:



I wonder if you have considered or would consider introducing a function whereby clicking on one contact would bring up all information for this QSO in one window.

I personally think it is easier to edit and add information in this way instead of having one long line.

Of course there are the “Edit Notes” etc... but.....

No big deal, I was just wondering if this had been considered at all.


73 de LA3PU




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