Re: Eqsl synchro problem

ON9TT - Marc

No problem here and running also the latest version.

73  Marc, ON7SS - OO9O

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Op 14/01/2020 om 12:45 schreef Panos:

Hi to all. I am using the latest version but when I try to synchronize I get the "no valid adif record found" message, . The file can be opened by adifmaster. Is there a solution? 73

The file header:
ADIF 3 Export from
Received eQSLs for SV1GRN 
for QSOs between 04-May-2004 and 04-May-2024 
Generated on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 11:02:35 AM UTC
<PROGRAMID:21> DownloadInBox

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