Re: [DXLab] RadioInfo UDP Packet - Proposal - <app> element to identify source

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

We are planning on adding the <app> tag to all our XML messages. This will allow a consuming app to know what app they are talking to, thus if an app is only supposed to control a rotor for N1MM+, it can do that.

+ That's fine.

The whole purpose of XML is standardization, but also to allow extension. If another application is in need of a data element not in the standard, and one we are not willing to add, then it can be ignored by consumers who don't need it.

+ Are you willing to include data elements not supported by N1MM+ in the documentation, assuming you are appropriately informed?

Regarding frequency down to the Hz level, I have not yet heard a requirement for that. When/if it needs to be added, I am inclined to add it as a new element as an integer number of Hz as opposed to integer number of tens of Hz. SDRs controlled by extio use integer Hz to set frequency. It would be a new element to prevent all consumers from needing to handle both the current and the new format. They consumer could chose what to support without the need to coordinate with the sender.

+ Sounds good.


Dave, AA6YQ

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