RadioInfo UDP Packet - Proposal - <app> element to identify source

Terry Glagowski / W1TR / AFA1DI

I would like to propose a small change to the RadioInfo XML Document UDP packet that broadcasts the status of the radios being controlled by logging software.


Add an element to the RadioInfo packet:






The W1TR HFAUTO software that controls the Palstar HF-AUTO ATU uses these broadcasts to preset the L/C tuning solution in the ATU (long story, some other time).

I’m guessing that there many other APPs out there that use this information for various purposes.


The complete syntax and semantics of the information in the RadioInfo packet varies depending on its source.

It would be unreasonable to require standardization of this XML Document…

But… inclusion of the <app> element would make it easier for 3rd party software using this to properly decode it and identify its source.


Logger32 has a clever solution for providing the 1 HZ digit…


Use a decimal point and additional digit to get 14.163.503 as a frequency.

Too bad that N1MM chose 10 Hz as the frequency resolution, but that ship has sailed.


At least applications broadcast RadioInfo UDP packets:

1)      N1MM / N1MM+

2)      DXLAB

3)      Logger32


I also broadcast UDP packets from FLDIGI_UDP and W1TR Rig Control, but use a different XML Document Name.

With the use of the <app> element, I could change those to RadioInfo as well.


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