Re: IC7610 is not changing modes

Dave Colliau

Set up properly the 7610 should follow the band plan and switch to the proper mode when changing frequencys. I had mine set to also when clicking on a dx spot that was split to split and also make the B vfo the main vfo to find the hole in the pile up for txing. As of right now I havent found my cat setup commands but I havent given up yet. Since Icom pissed me off and I got away from my 7610 I havent taken very good care of my files. I am still looking.
Dave N8DC

On January 9, 2020 at 8:27 PM Chuck Kraly K0XM <ckraly@...> wrote:

I loaded the 7610 RCP and was trying to set things up. I see that a click on a packet cluster spot sends the radio thee in frequency and mode, and then it immediately changes back to the mode it was in which I had set manually earlier.
Just as a side note, I am only experiencing this with Logger32 and I have other programs for testing but using L32 for all my logging as my main program.


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