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I suppose you could, when working split, transmit on VFO A and listen on VFO B. That way, the UDP Broadcast frequency is already where it needs to be even before the user starts hollering. It's not rocket science, and shouldn't be too difficult to configure/test. SeventyThree(s).

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HFAUTO USERS take note…


73, Terry / W1TR  :  )


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Difficult question to answer - Does Logger32 support split?  To be technically accurate, no. While Logger32 can tell if is a radio is split, it doesn't really care. There are eye-candy windows that show the TX/RX frequencies and split, but it's just eye-candy. The Logbook Entry window (and UDP broadcast frequency) shows VFO A of the current radio. Typically one would be expected to receive on VFO A and transmit on VFO B (and that's the default for logging split QSOs). Depending on the users preference, one can get a little carried away (unnecessarily IMHO). SeventyThree(s).


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A final question…

I presume that Logger32 supports SPLIT operation?

When in SPLIT mode, does the frequency in the UDP packet contain the RX or TX frequen???

HFAUTO needs the TX frequency so as to set the L/C elements for transmit rather than receive.


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This appears to work perfectly in a quick SMOKE TEST…

1)      It seems like the periodic broadcast happens about every 5 seconds, checked by changing my CAT TMO from 1 to 5 where CAT is not lost, default is 20 for this.
DXLAB and N1MM are also about 5 seconds

2)      The UDP Packet I’m receiving is:
<?xml version="1.0"?><RadioInfo><Freq>1396350</Freq><app>Logger32</app></RadioInfo>

3)      When changing frequency, there is a slight lag of a significant fraction of a second, but for purposes here, not a problem, depends on polling rate to the radio.


Thanks for fixing this an accommodating the Logger32 users that also use the HFAUTO software !




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