Re: Ham Cap

Vilhjalmur Sigurjonsson

OK, I figured this out.

The key is to read the instruction from the author, hihi.

The new SSN file is in the download area of the software and the key to finding the location of the old file (it is NOT living with the program file) is to key into the command line „%appdata%\afreet\reference“ to open the directory where it is located.

All OK here now (Win10)

73 Villi


From: [] On Behalf Of ik2agx
Sent: fimmtudagur, 9. janúar 2020 15:02
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Ham Cap


Hi Villi,

file name is SSN.dat and is located in the Ham Cap folder,
but as I have just posted, despite editing the file with new data
it doens't go past Dec. 2019.

Also I notice that, at least in my case, when I open it, month is fixed to Jan. 2005
and is not updated by system clock.

73, Dave

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