Re: IC7610 is not changing modes


I see this:

This doesn't look Kosher, Haram, or Halal to me (maybe its Vegan, I wouldn't know). It looks like two messages 1) FE FE 98 E0 26 00 FD and 2) FE FE E0 98 26 00 00 00 02 FD all joined together. As you haven't mention if this ever worked, if its a new radio, or what your configuration parameters are, I can only make a SWAG - Try cranking the poll interval down to something like 200ms as an experiment. SeventyThree(s).

On January 8, 2020 at 4:56 PM Chuck Kraly K0XM <ckraly@...> wrote:

When I click on a spot from the cluster windows, the radio moves in frequency but the mode does not change.Here is the output of the debug window:
Poll main mode : FE FE 98 E0 26 00 FD 
Mode poll Rx : FE FE 98 E0 26 00 FD FE FE E0 98 26 00 00 00 02 FD 
Poll sub mode : FE FE 98 E0 26 01 FD 
Any ideas? This is either direct on the com port which is USB, or via Omni-rig
Chuck K0XM


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