Re: LOTW ADIF Sync problem

Anthony Buscaglia

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your response.

1.) I’ll try to figure out  the header problem with ADIF Master…

2.) So let me see if I understand…

You are saying that once the DXCC is updated and the DXCC Mixed, CW, Phone & Data are correct overall the Band Entries will not change.  
If I click on a “C” (now a “G” in DXCC Challange Table ) there is no way to make the DXCC WIndow reflect the fact that the band QSO is really Credited 

3.) Yes I understand that I can go back and click see the update, but I have over 2500 to check…..  I am running out of time…. (78)

I am very thankful for the software, just trying to understand what to expect.


On Jan 5, 2020, at 2:21 PM, Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:

1) The error is explicit. The file you are attempting to use to synchronize your logbook to LoTW does not appear to have the correct header information (It's an 'I'm covering your ass message).

2 & 3) Once the DXCC/Challenge Awards windows are opened and populated, changing the underlying data does not re-populate the award window. After changing the underlying data, changes can be seen by clicking on one of the comboboxes to requery the award.

On January 5, 2020 at 12:27 PM "Anthony Buscaglia via Groups.Io" < tonybb@...> wrote:

Hi All
I am a newbie to L32.
I transferred 200k+ Qs from my old logging program (home brew FileMaker 6)
I am working on reconciling my DXCC and Challenge data.
Two problems:
1. When I try to sync with LOTW ADI file I get this error:

2. When I manually update my DXCC challenge by band, the Challenge table is right but when I view the DXCC table it does not reflect the entries updated in the Challenge table.

I also noticed incidents when updating the credits by clicking on the table entries and going to the log and updating that in some cases the updates did not apply.

I realize I am at the bottom of the learning curve, so I appreciate any help!

Best 73

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