Re: CQ RU Cherrypicking

Tom Wylie

I was looking for Delaware but it won't let me send CW DE........


On Sun, 5 Jan 2020 22:41 Gary Wilson, <k2gw@...> wrote:

As an avid user of Logger 32 and it's predecessor for 16 years, I love the product and have been having a ball  with the new interface for cherry-picking needed contacts out of WSJT-X via UDP.  But I think I ran across and inadvertent (and uncommon) problem today during the ARRL RTTY Roundup which now includes the FT8 and FT4 modes.  During this contest, people call "CQ RU" instead of the normal "CQ"

Both cherry-picking and manual selection from the Logger32 UDP band map start out fine, but as soon as a station sends "CQ RU", both the cherry-picking and manual selection options terminate the request.  They probably think the station is only trying to call a station in a mythical continent or in Russia, and since I'm in neither, terminates my transmit request to WSJT.

If it's some setting I'm overlooking, please let me know, but if not, it would be nice to allow folks to configure which "CQ xx" strings they would like to be able to cherry-pick, manually respond to, or ignore.  It's not time critical as it will only occur during a contest like this past weekend.

Thanks & 73

Gary, K2GW

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