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DR Paul,
According to your question I do assume that you key in the call sign and then hit ENTER.
If you want to log anything other than the call and 599 this is not the proper way to go.
You can decide number of fields to be filled automatially in the proper manner, e.g. the band, frequency and mode and you can have several other fields automatically filled in, either with fixed text, from the callbook (CD or Telnet) or/and from previous entries in the log. It is all up to you and you will have to set up the entry form for your preferences.
Some fields require your keying in and will not be automatically populated.
What you must do is to hit the TAB key to jump from one field to another. You can even decide the Tab jump order as you like. When you have filled in all you need, then and only then you should hit the ENTER key to log the QSO.
73 Villi

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In other words, I need to log a QSO, then edit it and modify whatever I need/want to change ?
Can I edit all the fields BEFORE logging ?
Thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV

Le 05/01/2020 à 11:30, Bob a écrit :
Like this?

When you type <ENTER> this is what is entered into the Logbook. /ti
change/set the QSO Start time type CTRL+S. The help file is more than
400 pages, I recommend you read it. SeventyThree(s).

PS. To download the current Help File, Google GITHUB LOGGER32.

On January 5, 2020 at 5:17 AM Paul F6EXV <
<>> wrote:

Hi all
I am trying to see if it is possible to modify any field of the
logging windows BEFORE the QSO is actually logged ?
For example, how to I add an IOTA reference, how do I modify the
time, how do I add/modify a QSL manager, again, BEFORE the QSO is
actually logged.
If I have to log it first, and then edit the QSO to modify field(s),
it will have already be uploaded to ClubLog and/or LoTW. This is what
I do not want to happen.

Thanks for help
Paul F6EXV

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