Re: Why....2 Dummies questions



Try following steps.

1. Look for Logger32.ini in Logger32 folder.

2. Rename Logger32.ini to Logger32.OLD.

3. Run Logger32. Now Logger32 run with default settings.

4. Position each window you want to see anywhere in main form.

5. Close Logger32.

6. Run Logger32.

how/what you see in main form ?

How/what you see in Logbook page window ?  (you say summary QSOsMode window)

If both work then you must make all settings again.


On 2020/01/04 1:01, HI3B Radhames wrote:
Hi and happy new year all:

1.- Why sometimes I have to open manually all windows
like they were loosed? In the Currently Open Window box
appear only MDIForm and TCP Server box unchecked.

2.-Why the Summary QsobMode window, only shows a few
years? I have 16.704 and only appear 9367 (Years 1990, 1993-1996.
2003/2005, 2007-2009) I have QSOs from 1978 and the following years, 
but these last years do not appear in the Summary.

Any suggestions will welcome.

Thanks in advance and

Radhames, HI3B

73 de aki

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