Re: Logger 32

Jeff Wilson <jjw5257@...>

If using WSJT-X with Logger32 then close the radio port in Logger32 and open the UDP bandmap (right click at bottom) so that all your FT8 contacts are automatically logged in Logger32.  WSJT-X will then be controlling your radio freq.  Make sure you have all the UDP settings selected in WSJT-X.  See the help file.

 If you are only using Logger32 and can’t get the COM port from WSJT-X, try changing the PORT settings in WSJT-X and close the program.  You might have to reboot, but the COM4 should now be available to Logger32 for operating the other modes.  There are probably other ways, like using OMNIRig as the radio selected in WSJT-X.
I hope this helps.
Jeff VE3CV

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