Latest TQSL Update does not allow L32LogSynch to open

Jeff Wilson <jjw5257@...>

A couple of days ago (Dec 13) I got a TQSL Update popup and installed it.
It says to NOT run in administrator mode.  So I did this in the properties/compatibility
tab and made sure the option was unchecked.  But now every time I Open L32,
the L32LogSync starts to open then stops at a mostly blank L32LogSync window.
I have to move this window out of the way to see another popup that says do NOT
open TQSL in Admin mode and then gives 3 options:

Exit TQSL so I can re-run as a normal user.
Allow TQSL to continue this time.
Always allow running as Administrator.

So I click "Allow TQSL to continue this time" and everything works as it did before
the TQSL Update.

Latest L32LogSync update is installed and L32LogSync is set to open as Admin.
Has been working flawlessly until this TQSL Update.
Changing L32LogSync to also NOT run as Admin did not solve the problem.

Are other seeing this or what did I do wrong?
I will try reinstalling TQSL as I did set the update installer to open as Admin.

Jeff VE3CV

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