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Rick Ellison

That is a very old version of the lookup that no longer works. Go to my website and on the page that opens download the L32Lookups full install. Install it on your computer it defaults to c:\L32lookups directory. After doing that open Logger32 and click on the 7th icon from the right on the top toolbar. When the window opens click the Toolbox menu and then click Setup External module. When that window opens on the line that is configured click the browse button and navigate to where you just installed L32Lookups and select L32Lookups.exe once you have done that click the start button and close out the windows. Now do a lookup of your own call by entering it in the Callsign window and pressing tab. The first time the program runs it should open the setup window where you enter the lookup type (XML) and enter in your username and password…


73 Rick N2AMG


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hello I been still running into problems with the lookup L32 and am asking if this is the normal route. Keeps coming up with a comment unable to find QRZ Module.. When I look in the settings for external module I find this in the settings. (C:\Logger32\XMLLookup.exe). is there a different pne I am a QRZ Subscriber.


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On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 11:41 AM Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:

... is on-line, and hopefully connections to Club Log are working again. For those who operate FT4/FT8 there is a new feature added to the UDP BandMap - You can now make DX Spots by right clicking on the GRIDSQUARE column of the decoded station. To enable/setup this feature, on the UDP BandMap click CONFIG | DX SPOT OPTIONS. The simple option adds the mode to the comments field. The formatted option adds the mode, signal level, gridsquare, and audio offset to the DX Spot. SeventyThree(s).

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