Odd behaviour starting v3.50.403 today

Paul Evans W4/VP9KF

I went to start Logger32 today after the auto-update of v3.50.403 yesterday. Up comes an install sequence for Roxio LJB! I stopped it and tried again. Same result. I swapped the current logger32.exe for the previous one and still the same. Odd. I rebooted and still the same. Checked path being used by shortcut. OK. In the meantime my xyl's machine squarked for a MalwalreBytes install. Set that off. Then I came back and updated my Malwarebytes [thinking "You never know, do you?"]. Weeeeeeell. Very weird. MalwareBytes asks for a reboot after install. It boots and then logger32 runs as normal.
I don't know what logger32, Roxio LJB and MalwareBytes all have to do with each other, but there's something!
PC: Toughbook CF-55 16GB Win10Pro. MalwareBytes and SpyBot S&P don't detect any problems.


Paul W4/VP9KF [and G4BKI]

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