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Stephanie, sorry to hear about your grandfather. Condolences to you and your family for the thousands of radio hams who are at this mail address. If you have followed your grandfathers hobby Stephanie, you'll know we're a strange breed. We have friends and kindred spirits around the world. People we will never meet in person, but consider them close personal friends. Dale was one of us, he will be missed. Thanks for the courtesy of the update. Our best wishes to you and the family. Bob / K4CY.

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Hi, My name is Stephanie C.

I am Dale Messerschmidt's Granddaughter. I want to let you know on Monday Dec. 2 Dale passed away unexpectedly.

If you have any question. You can email me back here. I will check his email.

On 12/6/2019 0:09, Gary Hinson wrote:

I messed around with a USB SDR fed from the IF of my K3 for a couple of years.  It was OK but fiddly to set up.


Then I bought a 2nd K3 with a “free” P3 thrown in.  I was very dubious about its little screen … until I started using it.  Now I really miss it operating a plain K3 at the club. 


The little LCD display is bright and clear.  I have tried the VGA output on a large screen but it’s no better for me and just wastes desk space.


It shows lots of useful things:

  • My noise floor on different bands and antennas, and hour-by-hour variations
  • Where the signals are when I’m tuning across a quiet band hunting for signs of life
  • How much activity is there on FT8, FT4, RTTY or other digimode segments
  • Where DX stations are transmitting, and where they are working split, tuning through or jumping around in their pileups
  • Gaps in a busy band where I might CQ, or gaps in a DX pileup where I might call the DX.
  • QRN bursts – are they strong/frequent enough to make the band unusable, or only light & occasional?
  • QRM from radar, intruders, pirates, data crud from my station etc. – would it help to shift HF or LF to avoid them?
  • ‘Sweepers’ from the sun on an active high band, plus human tuners


The only thing I really miss from my SDR setup is the ability to overlay callsigns from cluster spots or Skimmer or (I guess) data decoders, on the waterfall.  It would be too much for the little P3 LCD but would be handy on a desktop screen.   [I used a Flex radio in CQ WW CW with a front-panel panadaptor display that could show callsigns: it was too crowded & busy for my liking, but then I only had a few hours in the dead of night during the contest to learn how to use the radio!]


So, all in all, I’m a convert.  The P3 has turned out to be a worthwhile addition to my station, more use than the 2nd K3 in fact!


The P3 box is mostly empty.  I’m tempted to separate out the LCD to fill a more convenient gap right in my eye-line rather than off to one side.  Maybe I’ll try adding a little external display instead.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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Ive tried the RSP1,1a and the 2 . Didnt really excite me. I also fed the 9mhz out to the input of my 7300 ! . It worked .

I havent figured out why I need some fancy colored screen to show me who is on the band. I dont use the scope on the 7300 either. To each their own but it seems like just eye candy to sell radios. Being pretty much a dxer I just watch the spots .

There are options though.

Dave N8DC


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Date: December 5, 2019 at 2:11 PM
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Logger32 + FTdx-5000 + SDR Panadapter

I have an FTDX5000, LP-Pan 2 + Soundcard + NaP3/CW Skimmer. The CAT from the rig is shared (including to/from Logger32) via LPBridge.

If you just want to try a panadapter get one of those cheap SDRs you find on eBay/Amazon and feed it from the IF out on the back of the FTDX5000. You tune the SDR to 9MHz and you get a 'reversed display' ie if you are Rxing to USByou need to tune the SDR to LSB, well thats what I found.

SDR# (SDR Sharp) supports the cheap RTL-SDR USB devices and you can buy these with an HF down-converter. They're not very sensitive but they give you an idea of what you can see. Just don't buy an VHF only version.

I hardly use the NaP3 visual display expect during an SSB contest or looking at interference, but I use CW Skimmer all the time..

73 Darren G0TSM


On 05/12/19 13:16, Jim Ciurczak wrote:

As always Bob, thanks for your help and quick response.

Jim K2QB



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