Re: Logger32 + FTdx-5000 + SDR Panadapter


JIm, in theory, you buy a cheap (relatively speaking) SDR seeing as all you're only looking for is to use it for the eye candy. So, IMHO, pick one with the eye candy that suits you. You connect it to the slave port of Logger32. Turn the dial of your boat anchor, and the eye candy follows. This has been implements by many Logger32 users, but I'd suggest you don't hold your breath for response to your query. This reflector has the worst case of one-way-skip. The only setup needed is configure the slave port to match whatever radio your SDR emulates, then also to match radio modes between your boat anchor and the SDR ... for example, the boat anchor may have CW modes of CW-L and CW-U and the SDR may only have a mode CW. There's a configuration option that lets you map the two radio so they understand each other. One last thing, once you get hooked on the eye candy, you'll be glad to hear that it is not simply a slave receiver. Change the SDR mode/frequency and the boat anchor will follow. Good luck. SeventyThree(s).

On December 4, 2019 at 8:18 AM Jim Ciurczak <nfjimc@...> wrote:

Contemplating buying and installing an SDR to use as a Panadapter but would like to chat within anyone who is currently doing this. Doesn't need to be a FTdx-5000, any rig would probably help me out. Not being a computer wiz, I am trying to figure out exactly what I would need and whether once installed everything would continue to work as it currently does. Meaning being able to launch WSJT-X from within Logger32 and having both apps and the SDR work together to control the rig, log any contacts etc. From what I am able to discern I would need the SDR and possibly another sound card, some port splitting software and some other rig control software. 
I would love to chat with someone off line about exactly how to do all of this. Thanks!

Jim K2QB


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