Logger32 + FTdx-5000 + SDR Panadapter

Jim Ciurczak

Contemplating buying and installing an SDR to use as a Panadapter but would like to chat within anyone who is currently doing this. Doesn't need to be a FTdx-5000, any rig would probably help me out. Not being a computer wiz, I am trying to figure out exactly what I would need and whether once installed everything would continue to work as it currently does. Meaning being able to launch WSJT-X from within Logger32 and having both apps and the SDR work together to control the rig, log any contacts etc. From what I am able to discern I would need the SDR and possibly another sound card, some port splitting software and some other rig control software. 
I would love to chat with someone off line about exactly how to do all of this. Thanks!

Jim K2QB

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