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Phill, after yet another glass of excellent Scotch, it occurs to me that the problem may still be related to a 'French connection', but something entirely different to my previous offering ... I'm the first to acknowledge that has been very erratic recently ... Let me float this conspiracy theory instead ...  .IO is (or more correctly was) the top-demain for the BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territories). Effective a couple of days ago, the UN (based on the infinite wisdom of the International Court of Justice in the Hague) has decreed that the 58 islands are no longer under the governance of the UK, but Mauritius. So, what we are experiencing the transition from to We live in exciting times. SeventyThree(s).

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I use Outlook and all emails are getting through o.k. (as far as i know!)

Phill G6EES

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Hi Guys

Not a L32 issue – I think it is a ‘’ problem.  I see many messages in my webmail box BUT, none get through into Outlook when I download.


Has anybody else seen this issue?




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