Re: Clicking on spots always SSB


Try setting Mode from BandPlan with the other two mode from options unchecked. Then, when you click on a CW DX Spot. if the radio does not switch to CW, then look at your personalized band plan (click TOOLS the SETUP BANDS & MODES) match the frequency in the 3rd/4th columns to the DX Spot frequency ... Does the 6th column say CW? If it does say CW, then the radio should have been commanded to switch to CW. Now you'll need to open the Radio debug Window (right click on the radio pane - at the middle of the lower status bar - then click SHOW RADIO DEBUG WINDOW) and examine the commands sent to the radio. 73.

On November 30, 2019 at 9:46 AM Ignacy Misztal <no9e@...> wrote:

Clicking on spots always reverts to  SSB mode. 
BandMode selection is set to "Mode from radio or DX spots". Setting to "Mode from BandPlan" does not change anything.
Radio is Flex 6600 running 3.1.18.
Ignacy, NO9E


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