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Jan, pay close attention or I will post on the WSJTX reflector that their moderator is a Logger32 user ... Do I have your attention now? I have posted detailed destructions on what you need to do to get FT8 it's own column in the Worked/Confirmed Window. I have also posted another message that provides an alternative offering that allows you to visualize FT8 want/need for every decoded callsign. This is your last chance. Screw up one more time and I'll post on the WSJTX reflector that not only are you a Logger32 user, but you prefer JTDX :) Happy Thanksgiving.

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I used the term RTTY, since, once upon a time, that was the ARRL's
alternative for all digital modes.  Things have changed, and I found,
after much hunting, this document page:

It includes many new digital modes, but FT-8 and FT-4 are not among
them.  Can you suggest what mode I should use?

BTW, I, too, regret the demise of PSK, which I think was the next best
thing to Pactor.  I did use Pactor (-1), and liked it, especially its
accuracy.  I understand the new versions (2, 3, 4) are much better, but
the price tag of thousands to multi thousands for a TNC would scar my
cheapskate soul.  Couldn't they have put some of the old versions into
the public domain?  I mean, did you realize that there are people who
write full-fledged logging plus radio-control programs, maintain them,
and still give them away? Of course those people must be socialists or


Jan, KX2A (now 76)

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