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Rick Ellison

Hi Jim
Instead of trying to guess at why you are getting the no response from LogSync. If you would do this. Open Logsync by itself use explorer and mode to the directory where it is install and double click on it. When it opens up click on the top menu Info then select Debug then Debug On.
Now close LogSync. While you are in the same directory as LogSync delete the file called DebugLog.txt if it is located in the directory.

Now Load Logger32 as you normally would and open LogSync. ( I usually add logsync to one of the utility menus so I load LogSync via a menu option. After it loads and it stops responding close LogSync out. Now in the directory where LogSync is installed there will be a file called DebugLog.txt send that to me as an attachment...

As for TQSL Do you have that loaded into a utility menu that is auto started when Logger32 loads?? If so stop the auto loading.

As for the Station signing window I would need a screenshot of the window to determine where its coming from. I am guessing that you have not setup a station location in TQSL and Logsync is telling you that you need to select one from LogSyncs dropdown window for you to tell the program which location file you want to use.

Send me the DebugLog file and we will go from there..

73 Rick n2AMG

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I assume this is pointing to Rick, not the Logger32 group.

I have been off the air for a couple weeks, but got a chance to play with the radio on the weekend. When I open up Logger32, I get 3 windows that pop up;

1- L32LogSync (but is states (not Responding)) 2-TQSL
3 - Select Station Location for Signing.

I use Task Manager to close L32LogSync. I want to send my updates to EQSL and LOTW, but now can't

Why Am I getting TQSL window open, and how do I stop it from opening.


Jim Watkins


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