Re: Lost wsjtx_log.adi

John Munton - G7SSE

Andy, sorry to hear of your crash.

In Logger32, from the file menu, perform a partial ADIF export of your log checking FT8 and FT4 in the modes column.

When asked save as wsjtx_log

You can then paste this file into the User/ AppData / Local/ WSJT-X (or JTDX) folder.

GL, 73

John - G7SSE

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From: "Andy VA3PL" <va3pl@...>
Sent: 20/11/2019 16:57:41
Subject: [hamlogger] Lost wsjtx_log.adi

Sorry it is not related much to Logger 32 but perhaps someone would help.
Due to computer crash i lost wsjtx_log.adi containing all my FT8 and FT4 QSO's from WSJT-X program.
Is there a way to restore it from Logger32, perhaps?
I do keep daily backups of all my Logger32 QSO's

73 de Andy SP9KR

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