Re: No frequency and wrong mode


Ignacy, is Logger32 talking to the radio? Open the radio debug window - on the lower status bar, right click on the radio pane. Click the SHOW RADIO DEBUG WINDOW menu. There you will see the messages to and from the radio and at the top you will see the radio frequency and mode. What do you see. A picture would help. 73.

On November 19, 2019 at 7:51 PM Ignacy Misztal <no9e@...> wrote:

I use L32 at my regular QTH and everything works fine.

I installed it at my 2nd QTH. It is connected to a radio but the logging windows shows no frequency. But its shows correct band (e.g., 160M).  Logging QSO returns FREQ 0. Clicking on spots puts wrong mode. 

Ignacy, NO9E


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