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Steph, F5NZY

Hello Jim,


  1. Already checked, this Is the good port
  2. 9600 Is the correct baud rate
  3. Already tried, no more success




My rotor is a Yaesu G-450C, in the Help files, I can read, this rotor is not supported, but in this case, why is it in the Rotor type list?


Also, I use a remoterig and from Home for the rotor, I use HRD_ROTATOR, with GS232B AZ, but I can’t configure it in my L32 from Paris, probably because G-450C is not supported…


73 de Steph, F5NZY



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Your setup looks normal.

I’m not familiar with the GS232B settings, but can offer some things to look at:

  1. Make sure Windows has assigned the rotor to the right Com port (See Device manager)
  2. Verify that 9600 is the correct baud rate for the rotor.
  3. Try setting DTR/RTS High.


Jim – w5ifp-


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Hi all,

I don’t know why it does not work?

Enclosed pictures of my setup.

73 de Steph, F5NZY

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