Odg: Odg: [hamlogger] LOTW files export


I did not have time yesterday to deal with this problem... 

73! Gabor, S57WJ 

Sent from Huawei mobile device. 

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Zadeva: Re: Odg: [hamlogger] LOTW files export
Od: sp5ewx
Za: hamlogger@groups.io

Hi Gabor 
Did you resolve the problem ...Mine still exist ..I made the back up of log and reinstaled it ..The roblem still exist ...I tried to write down new QSOs under any call sign I use in this logger i/e sp5ewx/1 ..sp5ewx/7 etc ...These QSOs also cant be send into log files I ask Bob for help and sent him part of my log ...On his comp everything going correctly ...I have no idea what could be the reason ..I copied the log into my laptop ...The same problem 
Mike sp5ewx

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