Re: New version 3.50.399 and FT4/FT8 - how obtain QSL_Via and windows Worked/Confirmed


Many questions in one message ... In this picture the cherry-picker has just made a QSO with K8MU and it is logged automatically. If I want to make a DX Spot, than I click on the Cherry-picking event viewer SPOT menu. Nothing else to do.

Now in this picture I need additional information about K8MU to decide if I want to QSL and how. In my example I use HamQTH, but it is the same if you use All I do is left click the mouse on K8MU on the Logbook Page window and I see this:

With this additional information, I can decide what I want to do. SeventyThree(s).

On November 4, 2019 at 3:47 PM Jerzy Smietanski SP9AUV <sp9auv@...> wrote:

Hello Bob !

You are do a new version 3.50.399
Support added to allow DX Spots from FT4/FT8 Event viewer windows

Can you more describing this update .
I' m look for a version to obtain personal data from a QRZ.COM via my external lookup , especially
for a QSL_Via data , also when working on FT4/FT8 . Then I can determine , if I need send QSL and if I need send it via DIRECT .
Also is very usefull will be then window Worked/Confirmed with filling proper data .
Based on this data I can determine if  I need do this QSO , because it is a new country for me .

                                               Best regards de Jerzy SP9AUV

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