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Michael Harris

I had a similar problem. I was using a profile for FT8 which included the logbook entry window. Logged contacts were broadcast by wsjt-x to L32 and the entry was flagged to export to LoTW.

I decided to close the Logbook entry window and expand the Log window. Subsequently the contacts were not flagged to upload to LoTW. So, quite reasonably, it seems that the setup option to flag the contact to upload the LoTW is specific to the Logbook entry window being active, albeit unused.

I now launch the Logbook entry window and immediately cover it with the expanded Logbook window and all is now as before, contacts are flagged the upload to LoTW.


Mike VP8NO

On 04/11/2019 13:11, gabor.s57wj@... wrote:
I had the same problem yesterday.
By the LoTW file export I can't find my callsign and I cannot export the file.
73! Gabor, S57WJ
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Zadeva: [hamlogger] LOTW files export
Od: sp5ewx
I'm using win 10 ..after 16 Oct I cant export files for LOTW
..Logger cant see my call sign on the operator list.Before 16th
Oct everything was OK .Everything seems to be OK , ie "Send QSO
to LOTW is checked .,the field of operator is correct .When I
transfered this part of log into computer with Win7, problem
dissapeared .I tried to change operator callsign for another one
, system also  coudnt see the change.It happened after 16Oct
QSOs...Any idea ??
Mike sp5ewx

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