Re: CAT Control of FTDX101 via Logger 32

Philip (G4OBK) Catterall

All Greek to me Bob, and thanks to the others for pitching in with their thoughts and tech help.  If it makes any difference the default fall back antenna may be best being made Antenna 1 - for the multiband HF beam most of us use. If the radio coupled to an external device, such as a linear amp which stays turned off a lot of the time, generally the relay on the linear drops back to allow Antenna 1 connection on the linear to remain connected straight through with the power to the linear switched off.  Antenna 3 is selectable on the 101 series as a receive antenna only via the menu, although few of us have that luxury, so not as important to my mind as having 3 antenna connections which one can transmit into on different bands. 

73 Phil  

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