Re: error message


Larry, you have broken your logbook. This time badly. Do you have backup copies of your logbook of ADIF files you can use to recover? 73.

On October 24, 2019 at 5:12 AM larry fields <n6hpx1@...> wrote:

been working on correcting problems on the log, Some duplicates as mentioned before I never made. But when I try to do the update of the log it comes up with a error message.

Message on the error is db Error:vis_other_message(2005)

source module:do update complex keys
logger32 errornum:1002

when I do the recalculation it stops at 16% (says completed) doesn't see my added 2019 contacts
what can I do to correct it.

I am nervous of deleting it as the log has 10,462 in it.

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