Re: UDP Bandmap Highlight Worked Before

Gary Hinson

The bold X works fine for me, Art, coupled with the multicolour highlighting of ‘new ones’ (new DXCCs or grid on this band, new this mode, new this year, ATNOs …), bold text for stations that have been CQing, and the green blobs for LoTW users (or rather, in my case, FOC members).


A quick glance down the column tells me that, so far this year, I’ve already worked just 4 of the 20+ stations on 20m FT8 right now …



… while the absence of coloured highlighting tells me there are no new DXCCs or FOC members to work at the moment, unfortunately.


If you are hinting at maybe using coloured highlighting or text to indicate ‘worked before’, that would need fit in with the ‘new DXCC’ indications, which are already quite complex.  Bob has given us loads of useful info already: for me, as a keen DXer, it’s one of the best features of Logger32 to be able to see juicy morsels of DX hiding among the krill.   Or not.



Gary  ZL2iFB


From: <> On Behalf Of Art - VE3UTT / W1AJT
Sent: 12 October 2019 01:12
Subject: [hamlogger] UDP Bandmap Highlight Worked Before


Is there any way to highlight a station worked before in the UDP bandmap other than the "X" that appears next to the call sign?  For FT modes it would enable quicker identification of stations worked before.  I know the grids can be highlighted for various characteristics and that works well.

Thanks & 73,
Art - W1AJT / VE3UTT

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