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HI3B Radhames

I think you're right and in one of my previous messages, I had already said the same yesterday. It seems to be in my case the only practical solution because the issue is not persistent. because  It happens sometimes and other times not while doing the same. Anyway, I sincerely regret the time you have spent, and I will repeat the same procedure for the last time, but with extreme care,  following your recommendations yesterday. It will confirm that the problem is mine, rather than your program...Have you good day Bob and excuse me for any misunderstanding and we keep in touch. 73

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Rada, I have spent many hours trying to duplicate your problem. I can not break it. Maybe in your case it is better if you export the log to an ADIF file, make the corrections, make a new/empty logbook an import the corrected ADIF file. I have no other suggestions. Now to bed. SeventyThree(s).

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