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Attention Bob and all:
Extra comments to your last email about Edit Errors.

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UPDATE_VIOLATION error message tells me that the QSO is already in the Logbook. It is absolutely logic that if I try to modify one Qso is becase it exist in the Logbook We know it is not in the logbook, so how/why is it trying to do this?  Let me try to make you understand my better: 1) Qso is in the logbook. It is logic and mandato than if I want to delete a contact it is in logbook. Not way to delete Qso than never it has be logged. 2) I try to modify it and 3) Sometimes appear and other times does not the famous error. 4) If the error occurs, the end result is that the contact is deleted and I have to log it again. 5) Before, always, absolutely always, I changed the date of a contact or the time, without any problem. When I say before, I am talking about last year or maybe before.

The Qso is in the logbooklet to be in the logbook sometido I don´t understand well what you are  Thank you for the description of what you do to edit the date. You said this:

3rd.) I place the pointer over the date field and make a left click that allows me to make the modification or change. In the case, change the number 3 for the number 2.

4th) I move to the next field. It is the Time (in my case INICIO in Spanish) and makes the change if necessary.

Please tell me how you move to the next field? How do you do this - with the mouse, the arrow key, the tab key?Always if the arrow key

Another question. You describe changing the date, then changing the time, then maybe changing the gridsquare, Does the error happen when you change the date, or when you change the time, When I change the date or when you change the gridsquare.  Never, absolutely never I touch  the gridsquare. I don´t know how to do it. The info about the gridsquare appear as  final result of the error, but not because I have try to make some modification over ir. I have not any reason for change the gridsquare. Beleive me, I don´t know how to do  that. I have not gone so far, and  my limited experience tells me that this is untouchable information if I find it.  
When you read the word "gridsquare" in the box that reports the error, you should understand that it is information prior to the contact being permanently deleted, and it   does not mean that I try to modify the gridsquare. Well, if before I did exactly the same to change date or modify any data of any field of a contact, specially the date, time, call or so on,  and now that happens, my logical conclusion is that it seems to have some conflict inside the structure of L32 or at best of the cases, it could be attributes the problem to an incorrect way mine to modify a contact previously saved in the logbook. If this is the latter and not the first, and if so, I count with your help or that of someone from the forum. In short, what be supone should to do for make correctly any change in the logbook? Hope "Mr. Google Translator" have been good job.. Hi hi hi.

. SeventyThee(s)

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Hi Bob and all again:

I will explain step by step, what I was doing before the errors that appeared later:

1st. From the main Logbook window, I did a click to open the Search box.
2nd.) I this box I  look for by date, by code or by the number of Qso that L32 has already assigned for the Qso that I won't edit.  For example in the picture the first contact of a series or chain that I want to modify, changing the year and in someone rare cases the year and time, increasing it when is necessary.

3rd.) I place the pointer over the date field and make a left click that allows me to make the modification or change. In the case, change the number 3 for the number 2.

4th) I move to the next field. It is the Time (in my case INICIO in Spanish) and makes the change if necessary. If not, then I move until the next field. iIs the Call (in my case INDICATIVO, in Spanish), so that the change made is assumed or executed.

Sometimes doing exactly the same thing, the error appears and other times the error does not appear, with the indicated consequence. It is when that line show empty because be loses all the data, including the QSO number field.   At this point appear the ERROR WINDOWS and I L32 is locked, until I mark OK in the WINDOW ERROR. Doing that, the Qso is permanently deleted and the contact disappears definitively.

5th.)   I check that the Qso was deleted by doing a search again. As the contact was in my written logbook, I have to write it again and renumber all the contacts, so that it occupies its exact place, in order of date and time. 

6th.)  The full text of the error message (including the top line), varies in terms of the long string of numbers, and says so (sic):
"db Write Error: VIS_dUPDATE_VIOLATION (the title), followed in some cases by" Error modifying the GRIDSQUARE with the following data: " Then I make a click over OK and the following description appears: " Unable to add modified record with primary key: 33873.16875 ". Other times appear another number of the primary key as 33873   1590277778, and so on.

 It is the best I can explain. I suppose different numbers could continue to appear every time.

I have always understood was the unique and correct way to modify or edit a Qso. If there were another one, I would appreciate your suggestion to me it. 

I had always done it that way, without any problem, with other old versions of L32. I don't have absolute knowledge about programming, but I think the issue could be typical of bad and unexpert user like me, and not caused for internal issues of this version or  previous ones.

Thanks for all.
Below your recommendations.


 It would help if you would tell me the complete text of the error message (including the top line). This would tell me why Logger32 could not write the new date/time into the logbook. What exactly do you type when changing the date or time. For example if you have a QSO with the time or 01:23 and you want to change it to 12:34. You click on the time and the color changes. You erase the 01:23 and type in 12:34. Now exactly what do you do? What do you type now, or where do you click the mouse? SeventyThree(s).

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