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Rado, yes you can export your logbook in ADIF, make whatever changes you like and import the file into a new empty logbook. But That should not be necessary. When changing the date or time, Logger32 checks to see if the new value is already assigned to another QSO. If it is, Logger32 automatically adjusts the time to an unused value. SeventyThree(s).

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Bob and the group:

It is very likely that I did made serious mistakes, trying to edit many dates and times data, ved  with typing errors. Could be possible transfer export all the ADIF  entire file to a notepad, make change one bye one,  and later import the same file, already corrected?
I think that a conflict arises when two Esos coincide with the same date and time, because I do not understand that there is a way to increase the time, and thus avoid the conflict.
Radhames, HI3B




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