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It would help if you would tell me the complete text of the error message (including the top line). This would tell me why Logger32 could not write the new date/time into the logbook. What exactly do you type when changing the date or time. For example if you have a QSO with the time or 01:23 and you want to change it to 12:34. You click on the time and the color changes. You erase the 01:23 and type in 12:34. Now exactly what do you do? What do you type now, or where do you click the mouse? SeventyThree(s).

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Hi Bob:

Thanks  for your explanation but:

1st)  Logger32 looks is i not behaving consistently, because many times it allowed me to change the date and, times and other data, and  it does not produced the error that I reported to the group. 
2nd.) I would appreciate if you would recommend the correct way to edit, without the risk of deletion, of a previously saved Qso.
Please ignore my ignorance. Consider me a novice user of your program, trying to get to know it better every day.
Rada, HI3B

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33873.16875 = Sep 26 1992 at 04:03:00

33873.1590277778 = Sep 26 1992 at 03:49:00

At the top of the error message is the text db add Error : followed by the reason code of why Logger32 could not change the date. SeventyThree(s).

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Hi All:

Trying to edit from the Logbook Window one by one, the data of a group of Qsos saved with errors in the date,   what appeared  in the attached files.  It occurred several times and the contact was permanently deleted, and I had to enter it again from my hand written logbook.
Does anyone know why this happens? The string of error numbers was different each time and the mention of the gridsquare was repetitive. 
 I don´t know what means  each time: " Unable to add modified record with primary key: 33873.16875," ........."primary key: 33873. 1590277778" and  so on.   And I don't know what it means either "Error modifying  the GRIDSQUARE with the following data: .
I don't know another best way to edit. 
Be understanding, I don't have enough basic experience with the Window operating system. 
Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.
Radhames (Rada), HI3B

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